Baptist Credit Union Private Education Loan Benefits

For Loans made after December 5, 2019

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Auto Debit Benefit
An interest rate reduction of 0.25% is available for borrowers who make monthly electronic funds transfer (EFT) payments of principal and interest from a savings or checking account. To qualify, the borrower needs to arrange with the loan servicer to automatically deduct monthly principal and interest payments from a bank account. This benefit is not available for interest payments made during the deferment period for the Interest Only Repayment option. This benefit may be terminated during deferment and forbearance periods but can be re-established if borrower reapplies at the end of the deferment or forbearance period.

Cosigner Release Benefit
Request for the cosigner to be released can be made after the first 24 consecutive, on-time monthly payments (not later than ten days after the due date) of principal and interest have been made. At the time of request for cosigner release, the student borrower must (a) meet credit criteria in place for cosigner release, (b) be currently enrolled for automatic deduction of monthly payments from a savings or checking account at the time of the cosigner release application, and (c) must have had at least one payment deducted electronically from such bank account prior to the time of the cosigner release application. Lump sum payments will count as a single payment. If the borrower is granted a forbearance or makes a lump sum payment in excess of the monthly payment amount during the first 24 months of the Repayment Period that permits the borrower to skip one or more scheduled monthly payments, the borrower may lose the ability to qualify for the Cosigner Release Benefit.

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Graduation Benefit
Student borrowers who earn a bachelor’s degree or higher will receive a 0.25% interest rate reduction if (a) they have made no more than one (1) late payment (more than 10 days late) on the loan, (b) they request the benefit from the servicer within one (1) year after graduation, and (c) they provide proof of graduation to the servicer. The student must request this benefit via phone or mail and must provide either a certified copy of a diploma or a certified transcript. Upon the servicer’s review and acceptance of the student's documentation, the servicer shall send a confirmation letter stating that the graduation benefit has been granted.

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NOTE: As previously disclosed, HESC continues to reserve the right to change or discontinue borrower benefit programs at any time without notice, but previously qualified loans will not be affected.